Let our admissions consultants help you get into College Prep, one of the best private high schools in America.

Ranked as the best private high school in Alameda County, The College Preparatory School has been recognized for its academic excellence since 2007. It is recognized as one of the best high schools for STEM both in Alameda County and in the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides a rigorous curriculum that equips students with the skills they need to become successful in college.

How hard is it to get into College Prep? Admissions can be very competitive, with many families wanting to get in because of the impressive college matriculation outcomes. Get help from the experts to increase your chances. Our private school admissions consultants will work with you on the following:

1. Personal Statement
2. Parent Statement
3. Recommendation Letters
4. Transcripts.
5. Admissions Interview
8. Online Writing Assessment

If you dream of joining the most elite prep schools in America, like CPS Oakland, avail of the private school admissions consulting package that fits your needs.


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