Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

Deciding whether to take the SAT or ACT depends on your strengths, preferences, and the requirements of the colleges you’re interested in. Some students find that they perform better on one test over the other, so it can be helpful to take a practice test for each to see which feels more comfortable for you and which test will give you the best result. 

The SAT  is more fit for students who are slow test-takers and are not strong readers because it is easier to get extra time and there are shorter passages and reading sections. The ACT, on the other hand, has easier questions but there is much less time per question. It also has a more advantageous rounding system making it easier to get higher scores. In general, universities don’t care whether they receive an SAT or ACT. They care about the percentiles and if the subsection scores make sense in the major you are applying for. So take practice tests on both to see which test aligns with your strengths and test-taking style and then in a comprehensive one-on-one test prep program where you will not only learn the subjects, but test-taking strategies as well. 

Overall, both the SAT and ACT can be good options. Unless the school specifies which standardized test to take, you can choose whichever you’d be more likely to succeed in. It’s important to choose the test that plays to your strengths and gives you the best chance of success.