What is a college admissions consultant?

A college admissions consultant is an individual who serves in numerous roles to help a student through the rigorous process of college and university applications. Almost like a personal coach, they are an indispensable means of support and knowledge regarding the admissions process at top-tier universities in Los Angeles.

The responsibilities of a college admissions consultant can include advice on selecting schools to apply to, assistance with the essay writing process, advice on extracurricular activities, internships, and passion projects, guidance on the preparation for an admissions interview, delegating letters of recommendation, and test prep for standardized testing. They also provide insider information on the priorities of admissions officers and help tailor the student’s academic experiences to be competitive applicants and position them from the most beneficial perspective.

One of the advantages of working with an independent college admissions consultant is their attention to detail and personalized approach. They will spend enough time with the student to learn about their personalities, goals, and achievements to give advice on what and how to build a strong application profile.

A college admissions consultant is a useful ally in the challenging journey toward a student’s dream college. A consultant provides expert advice better than a high school guidance counselor does, gives honest advice, and lessens the stress on the students and parents.