How much do private admissions consultants in LA cost?

Private admissions consultants’ fees vary according to their experience, expertise, location, and services. More seasoned consultants will charge higher because of their experience and success rate. Some consultants base their fees on packages, while others charge by the hour. 

Since the quality of our work and the results we produce affect people’s lives and enable dreams to come true, we at Cardinal Education do not compete on price. We work with only a small number of families to ensure that we are giving them the best guidance and experience possible. Our goal is not just to gain admission, but also to make the journey less stressful. Parents can focus on their careers and busy schedules knowing that our competent and professional educational consultants are working with their children relentlessly until the end.

Our consulting packages are tailored to the specific needs and goals of the family, and designed to meet the admission standards of the the schools being applied to. Our in-depth knowledge of the educational system and admissions process in Los Angeles enables us to give honest advice and guide families into making informed decisions based on the current trends and situations in the most prestigious schools and colleges in the area. This is the reason why our success rate is very high and families from around the world seek our services.

Elite, successful, and sophisticated choose to engage with us because they recognize the unmatched quality of help we offer.