How much do private admissions consultants in the Bay Area cost?

The cost of private admissions consultants varies depending on factors such as expertise, reputation, location, and the services offered. Some consultants charge by the hour, and some charge based on packages and programs. 

Rates typically include one-on-one meetings, video conferences, email correspondences, and on some occasions, in-person meetings. Comprehensive packages may include additional services such as test preparation, tutoring, academic coaching, or interview preparation. 

While the cost of independent admissions consultants may seem high, many successful Bay Area families view it as a worthwhile investment for their children’s future. An admissions consultant’s knowledge and expertise can help you gain acceptance to their top-choice schools, potentially leading to better educational and career opportunities in the long run. 

At Cardinal Education, we do not compete on cost because the tremendous value of our services is incomparable. Sophisticated and successful families from around the world choose us because they know what they are getting. Unlike other firms, we work with a very small number of students and pour tremendous resources into creating a highly individualized program that meets each family’s goals. The extraordinary admission outcomes we achieve shape futures and allow dreams to take flight.