Are you a UC student looking for a flexible part-time job? Come join our team!

Students from across the UC system have experienced some sort of housing insecurity during their college careers. Regardless of whether you were one of the UCLA students, UC Irvine students, or UC Berkeley students who dealt with this or knew someone who did, we know that these students face multiple challenges and housing insecurity was something on top of it all. This is why Cardinal Education is offering flexible part-time tutoring jobs for college students. There is the option for this to be a remote part-time job. Our part-time jobs are the highest paying across the San Francisco Bay Area and easily are more than most on-campus jobs. Part-time jobs for students that work with their schedule are hard to find and we are happy that we are able to provide that for college students.

Part-time tutors have an opportunity to develop their teaching skills in addition to their communication and professionalism skills. These are easily transferable to other professions. Some of our previous tutors have gone on to attend Law School, Medical School, or a graduate program of their choosing. We understand that education may not be the career you are focused on for your future, but we will invest the time needed to prepare you for your next career step. So for the UC Berkeley students, UCSD students, UC Santa Barbara students, and all others attending any of the UC schools and facing housing insecurity, we want to help. Please feel free to contact us through email at or via phone at (888) 521-5243.


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