Are you looking for academic activities for your child this summer?  Math enrichment is an excellent way to level up your child’s math skills and get ahead of next year’s math courses! 

Our math enrichment programs teach children various skills and concepts to help them become better learners, improve their grades, prepare for admission tests, and gain confidence in their academic pursuits. They also help students develop analytical skills which are crucial for success later on in life. Our math tutors develop lessons in a way that focuses on building up strengths and confidence so that students can make mental leaps when it comes time for the more complex math courses. We have created a highly personalized experience for each student and work with them specifically to get them where they need to be. 

Finding the best math enrichment program can be a challenge. What we do not want to happen is for your child to feel overwhelmed and more confused than ever. Our math tutors are committed to providing academic support for all ages including math enrichment programs for lower and middle school students. For more advanced high school math, AP Math, and college-level math courses we offer enrichment classes for the following: 

Algebra I
Algebra II
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics

Our educational consultants have nearly 20 years of experience working with children in different learning environments and have helped many parents create successful educational programs for their children. Contact us today to learn more about our math enrichment programs!

Adaptive Curriculum

Over the years, we have developed and compiled curricula for different learning styles to address various deficits. From conceptual pre-algebra to the practical applications of calculus, the level of adaptivity is unlike the traditional math classroom.

Professional Expertise

Our academic coaches and math tutors are passionate about teaching. Many have made education their career focus and have achieved levels of competencies making them experts and professionals in the field. 

Individualized Instruction

Highly effective and deeply engaging one-on-one instruction is what we do best! We make sure that students are challenged but still learn at their own pace. Our math enrichment programs are highly effective and deeply engaging. Yes, math can be fun!

Math tutoring provides academic support to students who are struggling with particular topics or concepts. It usually involves giving supplementary activities to achieve a certain level of mastery. Tutors also help with homework and help prepare students for exams. A math enrichment program, on the other hand, is for students who excel in specific subjects and need more engaging and higher-level activities than in a typical classroom setting. It involves building up foundational skills for more complex concepts.  

Math enrichment programs provide opportunities for students to enhance their math skills through a variety of activities and exercises that also allows them to gain critical thinking and develop confidence. They will get the chance to learn more advanced and challenging concepts that will prepare them for the following year’s math subjects for improved academic performance. Math enrichment also leads to a better career focus later in life because it exposes them to different career paths that they might not be aware of. 

Many students are not challenged enough in school and end up getting bored and underperforming. This is because most schools have designed their curriculum to cater to average students so they teach topics at a level that most students understand. However, this can hinder some from reaching their goals. Math enrichment allows your child to explore and discover their skills putting them in an advantageous position academically. So if you want your child to grow and maximize their potential, consider enrolling in the best math enrichment program of Cardinal Education.

Yes. We offer online math enrichment for students residing outside of the US or those who live in different cities or states. As an international educational consulting company, we have fully developed remote learning programs that are proven to be more highly effective than what other tutoring companies provide.