“As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand.”
– Ernest Hemingway

Writers and editors alike share many struggles when accomplishing their goals. From brainstorming and planning to the final edits, they have to refine their writing to eventually come to a finished product that transforms that writing. Students of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop have been exposed to a writing rigor that is hard to match at any other university or program.

When we think about the quote above, as a writer you must understand the intention behind the work. While it may be easy to transform work from its original state to what is a supposed ideal, the harder task is transforming the work while maintaining the original intention and voice. The first role we are actively hiring for is our Editor role. As an editor-writer for Cardinal Education, you would work with students to edit and refine application essays. These students are applying to some of the prestigious institutions in the United States and, in certain cases, the world. You would work alongside students to help develop the individual anecdotes that have made them who they are. If you are looking for an editor job near you, this is a great opportunity as this is one of the few online editing jobs.

In addition to the editor jobs we have, there are also tutoring opportunities. The unique nature of writing makes it difficult to truly master, in addition, this is a skill that is not as practiced by most students. Writing is a valuable skill that must first be taught and also must be practiced. For those interested in a part-time tutoring job, we are actively hiring to fill our remote tutoring jobs. Become a tutor with Cardinal Education today and make a profound impact on a student’s writing. Our part-time tutoring job allows you to schedule around your own availability! Giving you the flexibility to prioritize things that are important to you.


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