How to Deal with Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a learning difference that affects how students understand and work with numbers. It is a neurological condition that makes it difficult to grasp basic math skills, number sense, estimating quantities, and even telling time. Here are some signs of dyscalculia:

1. Difficulty with Basic Math Operations
2. Poor Number Sense
3. Difficulty Telling Time
4. Spatial and Directional Challenges

A student with dyscalculia will suffer from potential effects on learning such as:
1. Low Confidence and Lack of Motivation
2. Impact on Academic Performance
3. Increased Anxiety
4. Negative Self-Perception
5. Poor Performance on Standardized Tests

Coping with dyscalculia requires the right strategies and professional help from dyscalculia tutors who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to do math tutoring for students with dyscalculia symptoms.


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