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Wasatch Academy is an independent, college preparatory school that is considered to be one of the top boarding schools in the US. It has a very diverse community, with students from over 30 nations. The curriculum is designed to help students prepare for college with courses in English, math, science, social studies, foreign languages, and AP courses. It is well-known for its athletics program including basketball, soccer, cross-country, tennis, and skiing. Students have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in music, theater, and visual arts through various extracurricular activities. There are also clubs like the Model UN, robotics club, debate club, and community service clubs where students interact with one another and display their leadership skills.

The admission process can be very selective as it only accepts students with exemplary achievements. If you are interested in enrolling at Wasatch Academy, early preparation is the key. Our educational consultants are experts in private school admissions, boarding school admissions, college counseling, tutoring, academic coaching, test prep, and interview preparation. Let us help you successfully navigate the Wasatch Academy admissions process.


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