Our admissions consultants know the key to finding success in the North Broward Preparatory School admissions process.

North Broward Preparatory School is a highly-rated K-12 day and boarding school in Coconut Creek Florida. Its curriculum is focused on preparing students for the rigor of college academics. It creates a community where students can come to discover themselves and find-tune their passions. Students learn to think critically and independently through an innovative and rigorous curriculum.

Cardinal Education admissions consultants know what a great opportunity it is for students to attend this boarding school, and understand what it takes to get into North Broward Preparatory School. Our admissions consulting includes tutoring, test prep, and SSAT practice tests to improve grades and get the highest possible scores on tests. Our tutors and academic coaches are experts in tutoring and academic coaching to provide students with the homework help they need and to make them manage their time and achieve a work-life balance. Our Program in Writing and Reading (PWR) helps students improve comprehension and develop writing skills that will be helpful in writing essays and personal statements. Together, let us navigate the North Broward Preparatory School admissions process and achieve success.


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