Bay Area College Admissions Consultants

There are many college admissions consultants in the Bay Area but Cardinal Education is consistently recognized as the best. 

With all the changes and developments in college admissions recently, it has become more competitive and overwhelming for both students and families. In our experience, most families do not know how to navigate the admissions process and end up spending a great amount of time and energy on unnecessary things that do not add value to their applications, leaving them frustrated and unsuccessful in their pursuit. Smart and sophisticated families invest in hiring professional educational consultants to help them navigate the intricacies of college admissions to reduce stress and increase their chances of acceptance. 

For 20 years, our admissions consultants, tutors, and academic coaches have been helping families in the Bay Area make informed decisions on their college choices and guiding them in creating an impressive application portfolio to get into the top US colleges. We offer SAT practice tests, ACT practice tests, admissions interview preparation, and exclusive tips on how to write compelling admissions essays and personal statements. Our individualized college consulting services allow us to create bespoke strategies that are meaningful and beneficial toward achieving our clients’ goals. 

We find that during the whole process, students do not only gain academic success. They also discover their strengths and potential, and more importantly, learn to work around their weaknesses to their advantage, and that is what holistic college counseling is all about. 

We are located in Burlingame and Woodside in California, but we also offer online services at your convenience. So if you are looking for the best college admissions consultants near you, contact us today!