Tips on How To Focus During Online Learning

COVID-19 has brought with it more challenges than simply keeping up with schooling as education moves online. Bereft of the traditional routine of school and activities, students are by now beginning to show signs of serious mental strain and even depression and anxiety. What can students do to prevent these adverse effects of remote learning?

Cardinal Education shares a few tips:

Keep a Schedule

Staying organized and keeping a routine is vital for students’ mental health. This is not the time to stay up late, sleep in, and have ice cream for breakfast. As we discussed in our post about staying academically on track, students should behave as if they were still in school, waking up at a normal time, devoting their day to classwork, and doing homework in the evenings. Consider using Google Calendar or other planning software to map out students’ days and weeks, planning not just work time but meals and free time, as well. This will continue to be important even after lockdowns end.

Stay Active

Athlete or non-athlete, it is crucial that students remain physically active while staying at home. A stagnant body leads to a stagnant mind, so even though sports are cancelled and gyms are closed, encourage students to get off the couch to work out, play games with their siblings, and be creative in the ways they get physical exercise.

Plan for Fun

The easiest way to ensure students don’t get enough free time and enjoyment is by not planning for it. When they create their calendars and routines, make sure that time is blocked to enjoy life, whether through pleasure reading, cooking, or, in limited quantities, watching television and playing video games. The trick, as always, is finding a balance between work and play, and especially in these times, it is important that home not become yet another obligation-filled prison.

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