Why does my child need tutoring?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a tutor for your child:

  1. To Address Learning Loss – With the prevalent learning loss due to the pandemic, students lack the knowledge and the skills for them to pursue and achieve their goals or future careers. 
  2. For Confidence Building – Some students feel more comfortable with one-on-one tutoring because they don’t feel the pressure of having to compete with other students in the same room.
  3. Mastery of Topics – Children can learn at their own pace to understand topics completely. Private tutoring enables the tutor to create a program that is suitable to your child’s needs.
  4. Regular Feedback and Updates – Private tutors monitor your child’s progress closely and update you regularly. You will immediately know how your child is doing.
  5. Gain Advantage in College Applications –  The tutor can start setting goals and designing a roadmap toward your child’s future college career.