Math Enrichment

From pre-algebra to calculus, review confusing concepts and get ahead of next year’s math courses. Utilizing springtime makes a world of difference, especially for those who struggle with math or wish to begin the spring semester with positive momentum.

Adaptive curriculum

Our consultants and coaches have developed and compiled curricula for different learning styles to address various deficits. From conceptual pre-algebra to the practical applications of calculus, the level of adaptivity is unlike the traditional math classroom.

Engaging instruction

Our consultants and coaches are passionate about teaching. Many have made education their career focus. One-on-one instruction with one of our expert coaches is highly effective yet deeply engaging. Yes, math can be fun!

Math & Distance Learning

The new remote learning model that schools have employed has resulted in a drastic decrease in quality math education. Teachers have cut out parts of their curriculum due to decreased classroom time, and as a result, individualized learning has suffered and advanced math preparedness has been sacrificed.