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The Branson School, located in Ross, California, is a coeducational day school that offers a college-preparatory curriculum for high school students. Its mission is to develop students who positively impact the world by leading lives of integrity, purpose, learning, and joy. The school fosters an inclusive and evolving educational community that develops its members to become confident, thoughtful, and ethical people.

Branson strives to provide its students with an empowered sense of belonging and a safe space where students can develop their unique talents and achieve their maximum potential. Not only do Branson teachers equip students through educational initiatives, but they also ignite lifelong intellectual curiosity that will fuel them to venture into their courses in school and life. At Branson, students get to explore and discover their voice, pursue their aspirations, and cultivate character for a life-long journey. 81% of students participate in interscholastic sports, and more than 85% partake in the arts. 

How to Get Into Branson School 

The Branson School is looking to enroll a diverse group of children from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Many families from San Francisco, the East Bay, the Marin and Sonoma counties, as well as other areas, send their children to this school. The competition may be more difficult than you had anticipated.

There are many deciding factors considered in the evaluation of prospective students. In this new admissions season, The Branson School has gone test-free. This means you will be heavily assessed based on your scholastic achievements and how you present yourself during admissions events and in the application itself. To excel, you need to differentiate yourself from fellow applicants. But, this will take a whole lot of time, so you have to prepare early. Cardinal Education will help you stand out in the admissions process and increase your chances of getting into Branson. Gear up with our experts today!

The Branson School Admissions Process 

Your admissions journey to Branson begins by creating an account in Ravenna Hub, where you will find all essential documents and requirements, along with important dates and deadlines. Keep in mind that admissions officers will verify every piece of information in your application, so make sure you only put in relevant information that you can confirm later on in the application. Here is a list of what you need to get done:

  1. Recommendation Letters
  2. Transcript
  3. Interview
  4. Parent Statement
  5. Student Statement
  6. Campus Visit

The Branson School Application

Recommendation Letters

Applicants are required to submit recommendation letters from the current math teacher, English teacher, and the principal or counselor. Supplemental recommendation letters are optional, but if you know another teacher, coach, or mentor who is willing to write a recommendation for your child, we advise that you do so. 

Admissions officers want to know how your child is as a student, and recommendation letters provide that information. Good grades, participation in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and good relationships will make teachers remember your child as a valuable student and enable them to write strong recommendations. Our private school admissions consultants have strategies in place to secure good recommendations that have helped many applicants stand out in the Branson admissions process.


Transcripts from the previous year and the current semester are required to be submitted by the registrar of the school your child is attending. The request forms may be sent via email or in printed format, which can be found on Ravenna. Transcripts will prove if your child is ready to take on the rigor of the Branson curriculum. 

If your child’s grades are not high, we recommend that you start with admissions consulting early to give them enough time to improve them. We have professional tutors who can do online or in-person tutoring for various subjects. If your child needs to develop executive functioning skills, we also have academic coaching to address other variables that hinder learning. Our academic coaches teach organizational skills, test-taking skills, time management, notetaking skills, and study skills, as well as writing and reading strategies to help them conquer any challenges they are facing.

Admissions Interview

When you have completed and submitted the application form, register for an admissions interview. Register early so you can get the schedule that is convenient for you. Remember that there are other applicants to be interviewed, and the time slots fill up quickly. 

Before going to the interview, make sure you have visited the school’s website and done your research. Learn about their programs, curriculum, and other important information. Make a list of questions that you want to ask, and make sure to ask them. Doing so will demonstrate that you are very interested in attending Branson, and admissions officers will appreciate it. However, make sure to ask the right questions. Interview preparation is meant to help you understand what happens during admissions interviews. Our admissions consultants know what questions will be asked and what questions you should ask so that you are aligned with their goals. We will help you prepare authentic responses that will make you stand out from the rest.

Parent Statement

There are three questions on Ravenna that you need to answer in 1500 characters or less. The answers to the questions will reveal your family’s values as well as your relationship with one another. Admissions officers will determine if you will be a good fit and a positive addition to the community. 

Answering these questions might seem easy, but without proper knowledge and guidance, you may lose your chance for admission to Branson. Here are some tips to help you craft truthful answers that will highlight your goals and values and convince the admissions committee that your family fits in.

Personal Statement

One of the application requirements is the student application form, where your child has to answer two questions in less than 500 words each. The questions are pretty straightforward and ask about your child’s interests, skills, and accomplishments. 

A compelling personal statement is one that tells interesting and inspiring personal stories and anecdotes that showcase your child’s strengths and individuality. Write about something unique and different that will differentiate your child from others. If you need help with writing, we suggest you check out our Program in Writing and Reading. Our reading and writing tutors help with developing reading comprehension and unlocking writing skills.

The Branson School Alumni

More than 4,000 students have gone to Branson and pursued different careers after graduating and have become successful in their own respective fields. Here are some of them:

  • Elisabeth Leamy – a television journalist and investigative correspondent for The Dr. Oz Show, writer for The Washington Post, and “Easy Money” podcast host 
  • Julia Child – a known chef, television personality, and author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking
  • Jennifer Siebel – a documentary filmmaker; actress, director, writer, and producer of the films Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In that talk about gender equality
  • Javier Zamora – a Salvadoran-American poet and activist who wrote about the difficulties of migration and refugee experiences
  • R. David Edelman – was the Special Assistant to President Barack Obama for Economic and Technology Policy, currently the lead of the Project on Technology, the Economy, and National Security (TENS) at MIT 
  • Jonny Moseley – the first Puerto Rican member of the U.S. Ski Team, won the gold medal in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, won the 1998 World Cup Mogul Skiing title
  • Tony Hsieh – co-founder of LinkExchange, an Internet advertising network, later on sold to Microsoft; retired CEO of Zappos, an online clothing company
  • Hans Baldauf – an architect known for his projects on Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Cakebread Cellars, and the restoration of the San Francisco Ferry Building and Palace of Fine Arts,
  • Michael Froman – a lawyer and appointed U.S. Trade Representative appointed by President Barack Obama in 2013; current president of the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Zio Ziegler – a painter and muralist known internationally for his works, especially in the Mission District of San Francisco

Student Life at The Branson School

Life at Branson is centered around being student-centered and student-driven. Branson encourages students to get involved in its community initiatives and student-driven leadership opportunities—Community Honor Board, clubs, Immersive program, admissions internships, and Student Senate, among many others. In terms of support, The Branson School offers mental health counseling, academic support, and learning services, advisory, and other forms of support to ensure that students have the confidence, willpower, and moral compass to be brave as they embark on their road to success.

Branson Academics

The Branson School is known for its challenging and strong academic program. It offers a college preparatory curriculum, including AP courses, to help prepare students for college. Education is enhanced by using unique textbooks and through experiential learning where students engage in hands-on activities. There is also a low student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1 to allow for more individualized attention and ensure that ample support is provided to each student. 

Branson Activities

Students at Branson are encouraged to delve into new pursuits, take on challenges, and fuel their passions. The school offers a multitude of opportunities where students can engage and lead in many activities that make the community vibrant and nurturing. Students are motivated to participate in clubs, the student government, affinity groups, the Community Honor Board, admissions internships, and other activities that pique their interest. This summer, Branson launched Summer Session 2023, where you can choose from 20+ classes and sports camps to take part in.

Branson Athletics

The Branson School is a tight-knit community that competes in big leagues and takes home victories. It has an extraordinary athletic tradition committed to competition, hard work, and character development. Branson has won 78 NorCal regional championships and 13 state championships, but beyond these triumphs, the school takes even more pride in its student-athletes and the potential they cultivate on and off the field. Branson Athletics offers cross country, football, golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, diving, swimming, track and field, and beach volleyball at varying levels. Fencing and mountain biking are offered as club sports and operate independently.

Arts at Branson

The Branson School inspires the development of many different artistic mediums. There are 30 acting, dancing, music, and visual arts courses available, suitable for both beginning and advanced students. At Branson, all of the studio-based art offerings emphasize skills, practice, investigation, and expression. As they master the correct and technical aspects of the subject, students are pushed to leave their comfort zones, try new things, and take artistic risks. After passing the Survey of Visual Arts, students can hone their skills in photography, sculpture, or painting and drawing. 

Did You Know?

Lunch at Branson is made from fresh, natural, and organic ingredients prepared by The Epicurean Group.

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