Are you a Vanderbilt student looking for a job in education? Join Cardinal Education.

Vanderbilt students are very proactive, and we are looking for students like you to be a part of our team. For current students, the school year brings all sorts of expenses and it can be tough to manage it all. Ideally, students find a part-time job that has the flexibility to schedule around their availability so they can work on their studies. We have part-time tutoring jobs that fit those very needs. You can join our team as a subject tutor and teach the subjects you are confident in or as a test prep tutor and help prepare students for the SAT or ACT.

For our alumni looking for a full-time job in education, we have the educational consultant role. This unique role allows you to obtain teaching and business development experience. We pride ourselves on providing our staff the training necessary to be profound mentors to our students. In doing so consultants provide recommendations to help families navigate the changing educational landscape. From a client relationship perspective to a more operative perspective, we hope to give our staff the skills they need to be successful!


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