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As a University of Washington student, we understand that it may be difficult to meet the expectations of one of the top-ranked universities in the country. This difficulty multiplies multiple times when you are also working part-time. The extensive hours and also low pay of most part-time jobs make it so that you are losing time to study. We are offering part-time tutoring jobs for UW students. You would work with our students to attain their academic goals. As a part-time tutor, you will be trained by professionals who are passionate about teaching. This role works around your availability and you get to teach the subject that you are confident in. Our part-time jobs are one of the highest-paying tutoring jobs in California. You would be able to work less time, potentially make more money, and get more time to focus on your studies.

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Our staff is a vital part of a student’s success. Our families rely on us to help them navigate the educational landscape. Our staff working with students have a weekly meeting with one of our managerial staff to discuss how to develop their skills. We want to ensure that you grow as a professional and are able to attain your personal goals. We understand that education may not be your career in the future, however, the skills you learn are transferable to any professional environment.


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