Are you a UIUC student looking for a part-time job? Join us and become a mentor.

University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign students have a large amount of research experience. More often than not these roles help students transition into a teaching role during their undergraduate or even graduate program. These strong analytical skills and structured thought processes make you all great candidates for our part-time tutoring jobs. As with any program in higher education, there are financial burdens that can be overwhelming at times. Cardinal Education hopes to ease that burden by offering a flexible part-time job where you work with our students as their mentors. As a subject tutor for Cardinal Education, you will teach the subjects that you are confident in. For those who are well versed in test prep tutoring, we also have that available.

We also have a full-time role for those interested in a full-time job in education. Our Educational Consultant role works closely with families to work towards their academic goals. In addition to teaching, consultants gain business development experience. Through the combination of responsibilities, we want to instill skills that are easily transferable to other fields.


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