Are you an MIT student looking for a job in education?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the name alone brings up thoughts of truly elite individuals. MIT students have long been known as among some of the world’s best in any field. As a result, many alumni are often sought after in the professional world. Their strong background in different fields makes any MIT student a prime candidate for a tutoring job. Cardinal Education is seeking to fill part-time tutoring jobs and full-time educational consultant positions.

The students that we work with are among the best that the nation can offer. Most of our students are from Silicon Valley in California, a region that is very competitive academically. The high standard of excellence compiled with a passion for a variety of difficult subjects is why we are offering these positions to MIT students.

Full-time staff has the unique opportunity to work in an educational environment and obtain experience within the business development aspect of running an educational consultancy. Staff is trained for their responsibilities and works closely with management to carve a pathway to individual success.


    Join our team and be a successful part-time tutor!

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