Are you a Colgate University student looking for a part-time job?

Cardinal Education is offering part-time tutoring jobs for college students. There are a large number of expenses that come with attending any university. The cost of living in addition to the cost of books and lab materials makes attending college difficult. As a company that knows the value of education, we want students to focus on their studies. This becomes hard when students are forced to work long hours for minimal pay. As one of the highest-paying tutoring companies, we hope that a position with us would cut down on the number of hours you need to work. In addition, we hope to become your support system. This role is very flexible, as you are scheduling student sessions based on your availability. Furthermore, you get to teach the things that you are truly passionate about and confident about.

During COVID, many students needed to turn to remote courses which made it so that learning was near impossible at times. As a result, many students have experienced some decline in their skills. We are seeking college students to work with our students. Part of why we seek college students is because you all had a similar experience. Your determination and experience allowed you to sustain your success through the remote learning period. As a part-time tutor, you would have the opportunity to impart that wisdom to our students.


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