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Having been in the educational consulting industry since 2006, we have partnered up with a diverse group of students, including The Churchill School & Center students. As we have observed, many of its students don’t know how to leverage their school heritage in college admissions while some are just finding it difficult to differentiate themselves from other applicants. At Cardinal Education, we provide students with everything they need to get into The Churchill School & Center. Our admissions consultants, academic advisors, and tutors go beyond helping students finalize their college list or securing strong recommendation letters. We equip our clients with the essential knowledge and skills to make sure they can overcome challenges that might hinder them from success. We offer one-on-one college counseling services, interview preparation, SAT practice tests and ACT practice tests, academic advising, tutoring, and writing services for personal statements and essays. Call us now to find out what admissions officers are looking for in an applicant!


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