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As an accredited virtual school, Stanford Online High School offers students, from anywhere in the world, a unique and challenging alternative to traditional schools. It is home to some of the most brilliant students as it only accepts academically advanced and motivated applicants who can successfully engage with its rigorous curriculum. However, because of its online nature, students lack the structure to demonstrate leadership and meaningfully pursue extracurricular activities, things that competitive colleges care about. Great recommendation letters are also difficult to come by from teachers they’ve never met in person. As independent college admissions consultants with 20 years of experience, we know how to help Stanford Online High School students build a college application portfolio that admissions officers will notice and consider. We can help you choose the best internship programs and extracurricular activities that will showcase your leadership skills. Our strategies for obtaining shining recommendation letters have never failed, and we will share these secrets with you! Our college counseling begins as early as freshman and sophomore years, to give Stanford Online High School students a headstart in the college admissions process.


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