Our experts have a deep understanding of the challenges that Asian Americans face in admissions.

St. Thomas School is a Microsoft showcase school and collaborates with other technology industry leaders. Using different software, they are able to provide advanced classes in math, robotics, coding, music, and video production. A rigorous academic program ensures that character, intellect, and leadership are fully developed, while various extracurricular activities allow for engagement and social growth. Getting your child into the best private school such as St. Thomas School can be quite a difficult challenge. In our experience, Asian Americans face tougher challenges in admissions than any other applicants. As unaffiliated educational consultants, we can provide you with honest, timely, and expert advice to make your Asian American child stand out in the St. Thomas School admissions process. Our holistic and long-term approach to private school admissions consulting equips our students with essential skills to help them achieve extraordinary admissions outcomes. We offer interview preparation, tutoring, test prep, academic advising, and writing services for essays, parent statements, and student statements. Let our experts guide you in navigating the St. Thomas School admissions process.


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