Need help with your application to Polytechnic? We know how to make Asian Americans stand out in the admissions process!

Polytechnic School is a private, independent K-12 school in Pasadena, California where students learn through transformational experiences inside and outside the classroom. Poly’s Outdoor Education program helps students develop their self-confidence, responsibility, and appreciation for nature. It is ranked as the best K-12 private school in the Los Angeles Area and Los Angeles County.

We understand the challenges that Asian Americans face when applying to top private schools like Pasadena Polytechnic. Our holistic private school admissions consulting is designed to make you stand out in the Polytechnic School admissions process. We will walk you through the different facets of the Poly application.

1. Recommendation Letters
2. Student Assessment
3. Student Interview
4. Transcripts
5. Student Statement
6. Parent Statement

Apply to Polytechnic and let us help you achieve success!


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