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Marin Academy is among the highly regarded private schools in California. It practices experiential education by providing its students with challenging experiences both inside and outside the classroom. The curriculum is centered on providing a solid foundation in traditional academic subjects in a college-preparatory program. It fields a total of 35 teams and is home to the Wildcats, who play a wide range of sports from water polo to cross-country. Because of the school’s outstanding reputation, admissions can be quite a challenge. As a highly sought-after private educational consulting firm in the Bay Area, we are here to be of help! Our expert, unbiased advice as independent admissions consultants can help your child to be part of the Marin Academy experience. Let us help you with the Marin Academy admissions process! Our private school admissions consulting includes interview preparation, tutoring, test prep, academic advising, and writing services for parent statements, student statements, and essays.


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