What is the difference between Phillips Academy Andover and Phillips Exeter Academy?

Widely regarded as two of the best boarding schools in the US, Phillips Academy Andover and Phillips Exeter Academy are independent of each other. Phillips Academy Andover was founded by Samuel Phillips in 1778 making it the oldest boarding school in the country. On the other hand, Phillips Exeter was founded three years later by Samuel’s uncle, John Phillips. Both are known for their rigorous academic programs. Andover requires students to take courses in a variety of disciplines, while Exeter is more focused on core subjects and uses the Harkness method in classroom discussions. This method allows students to engage in discussions around an oval table to foster collaboration among peers. In athletics, the two schools have been competing with each other since 1861. Andover is known for its team sports, while Exeter is known for individual sports such as tennis and squash.

Despite their differences, both schools are outstanding institutions that offer high-quality education to their students. Both schools have a very competitive and selective admissions process and are hard to get into. Making the choice ultimately depends on which is a better fit for the student. We are experts in the admissions process for both schools. We know exactly what admissions officers are looking for in the candidates, and we can help you prepare, so you can differentiate yourself and demonstrate your best self during the process. Our admissions consultants, tutors, and academic coaches will work with you on admissions consulting, tutoring, test prep, interview preparation, and writing your personal statement. If you are confused about which school to apply to, we can help you find the right fit.


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