We are college admissions consultants who help Archbishop Riordan High School students get into their dream colleges.

The college counseling process requires the utmost strategy in order to lead students on the most effective path toward finding a school that is the right fit for them. While Archbishop Riordan High School has its own team of counselors, they are working with hundreds of students at a time, making it hard to implement an individualized approach for each and every student. Here at Cardinal Education, we are highly selective with the families who employ our services. We devote quality time to each of our families, ensuring that they receive counseling services that are highly specialized to their goals and interests. Starting as early as their freshman year, our admissions consultants, tutors, and academic coaches work with students to improve their grades and test scores through tutoring, test prep, SAT practice tests, and ACT practice tests. Our writing tutors, through the Program in Writing and Reading, help develop comprehension and writing skills to help with admissions essays. The interview preparation ensures that families answer interview questions with confidence, so they are able to show their strengths and how they are a good fit for the community. Throughout the years, our services have earned Archbishop Riordan students matriculation into the most prestigious of colleges and universities.


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