What happens if I get a low SAT or ACT score?

You can retake any of these tests if you are not satisfied with the scores you received. The SAT can be taken as many times as you like. The ACT can be taken up to 12 times. Find the perfect timing to retake the tests and have practice tests in between. If you get a low score on your  SAT practice tests and ACT practice tests, there is still time to take corrective action so you can obtain the score you are aiming for. This can be done through a test prep program where the rigor and intensity of the coaching can be tailored to your needs in order to address your weaknesses and other areas of concern. However, if you get a low score on the actual test during your senior year, you might have to retake the test at a later date or consider not submitting your results with your college application if it’s too late to take another one.