What are common misconceptions about boarding schools?

  1. Guaranteed college acceptance – There is no such thing as guaranteed acceptance when it comes to college admissions, not even the prestige of graduating from the most expensive boarding school.

  2. It is for problematic kids – Movies have often depicted boarding schools as faraway places where parents send their problematic kids to discipline them. There are many different kinds of boarding schools, and not all are for this purpose.

  3. Student-athletes can easily get into a boarding school – Just like in college admissions, there is no such thing as guaranteed boarding school admissions. Athletic recruitment is not an easy fool-proof way to get in.

  4. It is not fun – Yes, boarding schools have strict rules, but it doesn’t mean that students don’t have fun. The reason why boarding schools have many extracurricular activities is because they want the students to enjoy, be healthy, and live balanced lives, not just focus on academics.