How much is an admissions consultant in LA?

In Los Angeles, the cost of hiring a college admissions consultant can vary depending on the consultant’s experience, the services offered, the grade level when the consultation begins, and the complexity of your needs. Consultants in LA charge either by the hour or the package they offer. Families can avail of long-term packages that start as early as sophomore year to give more time to put strategies in place until the application season. Some, on the other hand, only work with consultants during the application cycle, usually in their senior year until the deadline of submission. 

When considering the cost, it’s essential to weigh the value that a consultant can provide. They offer personalized guidance, insider knowledge, and valuable advice throughout the college application journey. Elite consultants with years of experience, high success rates, and frequent referrals charge more than others. 

In general, a more expensive admissions consultant reflects a higher quality of service, more focused and tailored support, and ultimately, more successful outcomes.