How many times can you take the ISEE? SSAT? HSPT?

ISEE Students may register to take the ISEE up to three times in a 12-month admission cycle, once in any or all of three testing seasons. Given the timeline in the Bay Area, students will be able to take it twice, once in Fall and once in Winter. The seasons are Fall (August–November), Winter (December–March), and Spring/Summer (April–July). Please refer to the ISEE website for more details.

SSAT – Students may register to take the SSAT once a month with no limit to the maximum number of tests they can register for. There is also an option for a Flex Test. A Flex Test can be taken in the same month as a normal SSAT, which means that families could take two SSATs in one month. That being said, you can only schedule one Flex Test per year. Here is the information for the SSAT Flex Test, which gives you the flexibility to sign up for an SSAT at a date that is most convenient for you. We work with the Bodin Group, which administers flex tests to many of our families. When you register for a Flex Test with Bodin, please ask for Sue and tell her that you work with us.

HSPT – The HSPT can only be taken once, preferably at students’ most preferred Catholic high school. Please refer to the HSPT website for more details.