How does executive functioning affect academic performance?

Some people think that the only important executive function skill when it comes to academics is time management. But there’s actually a lot you need to keep in mind, such as multitasking, making decisions, adaptability, and being aware of both your emotions and other people’s. If your child develops these important executive function skills, they can self-regulate and better handle their responsibilities as students. Good grades and academic success are the results of having good executive function skills. With this, students are able to achieve their goals with less stress because they achieve a work-life balance where they are able to enjoy their free time and pursue other interests and hobbies while still being able to accomplish their coursework requirements in school. 

The ability to self-regulate will help them become better functioning members of society as well, as they go on to participate in activities, such as organizing events, being part of a team, or taking up a part-time job. Children grow up to be well-rounded individuals who can take on the challenges ahead.