How do I choose the best admissions consultant in the Bay Area?

Choosing the best college consultant in the Bay Area involves several key considerations to ensure they meet your needs and expectations. Look for the following qualifications before making a decision:

  1. Relevant Experience. How many years have they been in the educational consulting industry? What schools have they sent their clients to? 
  2. Track Record. How many students have they successfully helped gain admission to their desired schools? 
  3. Reputation. What are people saying about them? What are the credentials and affiliations of the consultants?
  4. Area of Expertise. Are they experts in the specific area you need more help with, like tutoring, test prep, essay writing, and others? 

Once you have identified and shortlisted several admissions consulting companies, schedule a consultation to gather more information such as consulting packages, availability, communication style, level of personalized attention, and of course, the cost. When you’re ready to sign up for their services, review the policies and ensure they align with your preferences.

Cardinal Education has 20 years of relevant experience and a proven track record of success. Our admissions consultants listen and understand your aspirations to give you honest advice and set realistic goals for your family. We are the most sought-after educational consulting firm in the Bay Area with an international clientele across the globe.