In our experience, Asian Americans find it more difficult to get into the top boarding schools.

Located in Simsbury, CT, Westminster School is an outstanding institution that offers day and boarding school accommodations for students who aspire to gain high-quality college preparatory education. The school offers an exceptional education, opportunities for personal and academic growth, and community service. It is also known for its athletic program where students engage in a variety of sports including basketball, lacrosse, ice hockey, and skiing. State-of-the-art facilities provide students with a conducive and effective learning experience.

Admission can be tough and competitive, especially for Asian Americans, as many students compete against each other to gain entry. But with strategic planning and early preparation, your chances of admission are high. As independent admissions consultants, we can help you in your journey toward your goal. We are experts in private school and boarding school admissions. Our educational consultants, tutors, and academic coaches can help you build your profile through tutoring, academic coaching, test prep, SSAT practice tests, and interview preparation. We also have a program in writing and reading where you will improve your reading and writing skills to help in writing essays, parent statements, and personal statements. Let us help you prepare and navigate the Westminster School admissions process.


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