We know exactly how to make Asian Americans stand out in admissions!

With a lot of admissions requirements to accomplish and admissions events to attend, gaining admission to the best boarding schools such as the Currey Ingram Academy can be quite a challenge to a lot of families. But with strategy consulting, we can make your admissions journey a more fulfilling and transformative experience. We have a dedicated and experienced team of admissions consultants, tutors, and academic coaches to provide you with everything you need to succeed. What makes us different from other consulting firms in the industry? Our educational consultants provide a highly personalized time to get to know you and your family as well as our goals, preferences, needs, and values. This allows us to make full use of all puzzle pieces available to make sure our students leave a lasting impression on admissions officers. Send us a mail to learn more about how to get into Currey Ingram Academy.


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