What future mind will you shape today?

Teaching is a career that can be incredibly rewarding. As a teacher, you are instrumental in developing the minds of future generations. Yet, this career does not come without its set of obstacles to overcome. From preparing for standardized teaching exams like the CSET/CBEST to having to go through your accreditation program, the teaching profession is one that requires multiple steps before accomplishing the goal of becoming a teacher.
Once you complete the logistical details, teachers are often put into classrooms that can be difficult to manage. Many people get into education with the idea of making an impact on a student. However, many of these teachers are not positioned to have the interactions needed to make that change. Oftentimes, classroom management is a large component in deciding whether to take on a traditional teaching job. The added stress of having to manage a group of 20 or more individuals at a time does build over time and leads to dissatisfaction with the job.

For many people, the traditional path is the route they take toward becoming an educator. However, at Cardinal Education, we want to provide an alternative to the traditional teacher career path. We want to provide people the opportunity to teach students who attend some of the most rigorous middle and high schools in the country. Through working with Cardinal Education you are positioned to gain priceless teaching experience that is comparable to what many teaching credential programs will get to in the second year of their program. This would be accomplished devoid of all the hassles that come with managing a classroom as your work with your students would be one on one. On top of the experience you gain, all the time you spend working with your students will be compensated as well. We are confident that you will find the subject you are interested in teaching through our list of open positions. We have openings for Writing Tutors, Math Tutors, and Physics Tutors among others. In contrast to a traditional teaching role, Cardinal Education provides its full-time consultants with the opportunity to grow within the company and work their way up. This is a great part-time job for individuals who have also just started their credential program and are looking for some more experience teaching students.

We believe teaching is something that is beyond a teaching credential program and a title. Teaching is the ability to relate to students, to cater to their needs, and to be their role models.


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