Summer Math Courses

Due to a peculiar relic of our agrarian past, schools shut down in the summer. While the time off provides a great opportunity for families to spend time together and for kids to gain new experiences at camp, taking summer classes is no longer merely for those whose grades suffered during the school year. In our age, we cannot afford for our students to experience the summer slide for 20%-25% of the year. Instead, they should take summer courses to get ahead! 

As we mentioned in an earlier post, staying ahead on the math track is crucial for future success. Jump ahead by taking summer courses in math to move forward in your high school curriculum. For students looking to get ahead, we suggest taking summer classes in order to level up in math the following year. Geometry is a great course to take over the summer because unlike Algebra, it doesn’t contain as much “foundational” material and can often be mastered independently. 

However, if you’re looking to take Geometry as a summer class or an online class to skip it the following year at school, make sure to get written confirmation your school that they allow this, lest any miscommunication occur. In addition, we recommend online courses as an accessible and affordable alternative, BYU Independent Study offers some strong options. 

For high school students, we cannot recommend taking courses at community college enough! For those applying to UCs, these can be major GPA boosters.

But perhaps more importantly, it can expose students to topics they could not explore at their high school. This could be the beginning of a new academic for students. 

On the other hand, students can take summer courses at community college to get required first round courses and eliminate the need for such rudimentary courses at college. 

Lastly, students can use community college courses to help solidify their foundations in courses they struggled with in high school. No need to wait for undergraduate school to get these challenging courses mastered!