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I’m your SUPER TUTOR and dedicated mentor as you explore the world of mathematics. Equipped with a Stanford Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics, my love of numbers has motivated me to seek a Ph.D. in Economics at the same university. My academic journey has equipped me with a profound understanding of mathematical concepts making me a highly sought-after private math tutor.

I’m dedicated to helping students understand and appreciate math, especially those who love economics but find the subject difficult. My approach to tutoring is centered on providing students with individualized supervision and adjusting lessons to meet their unique requirements and learning preferences. Whether you’re attempting to navigate the complexities of statistics, calculus, or algebra, my expertise guarantees a thorough understanding of each subject. 

I am not just a tutor; I am a mentor committed to helping my pupils develop their mathematical skills and gain confidence. I make tutoring a dynamic, exploratory experience by focusing on real-world applications and facilitating interactive sessions. Come along with me as we pursue mathematical excellence, where success becomes the norm and learning is an exciting experience.

I frequently work with ultra-high-net-worth families who need the best tutoring money can buy with absolute discretion. I only work with one or two pupils at a time.  

If you are looking for the best math tutor who has a tremendous amount of experience teaching, you should reach out to me.

What do I teach? 

High School 

If you are a high school student, I can help you with 







If you are a math, statistics, or econ major at Stanford, UPenn, or Harvard, here is a list of courses I can expertly teach:





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