Are you a Yale student looking for a job in education?

Yale University students are among the most competitive in the nation. The rigor that any of the Ivy League schools provide is already difficult enough, but attending Yale makes your students a cut above the rest. This is why Cardinal Education has looked to hire part-time tutors and full-time consultants from Yale.

Academic Coaches and Educational Consultants have a unique opportunity to develop their teaching skills as well as their communication and time management. These skills translate outside the educational field and into any professional environment. This makes the positions at
Cardinal Education is helpful for anyone looking for a gap year opportunity. We understand that education may not be the career you are interested in, but we will make sure that you are prepared to make your next career step. For those that are passionate about education, you will receive mentoring from some of the elite educators in the United States.

If any of this is interesting to you, contact us through email at We would be more than happy to have you scheduled to meet with one of our consultants to discuss options with you.


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