Are you interested in education? Cardinal Education can help develop that interest in a career!

The pandemic has shown us that many students need supplemental help outside of the classroom. Now data has shown that students are academically regressing to a state that has not been seen since the early 90s. Cardinal Education has been working with families since before the pandemic to ensure that students receive the help they need to be successful. As a University of Florida student, you have also experienced similar things at some point in your academic career. Through this struggle, most college students have found it easy to transition into a world where much of our communication is done remotely. This is not true for many younger students. We are looking for University of Florida students to tutor our students. As a part-time tutor, you would mentor an individual as they are progressing through their academic career. This is a flexible part-time job where you can schedule around your availability and are able to teach the subject you are confident in.

For those interested in a full-time education job, we have the Educational Consultant role. An educational consultant will work closely with families to help them attain their educational goals. The staff gains the opportunity to learn more about different students and the uniqueness of their needs. We approach every student a little bit differently since every student learns slightly differently. Consultants also gain business development experience. The work that you do will advance your professional skills and allow you to better understand the different vital functions that are necessary to run an educational consultancy. We work closely to help staff develop the skills needed to find success at Cardinal Education and elsewhere.


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