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Cardinal Education is an institution that understands the value of education. As such, we remind our students to prioritize their education highly. For most college students, this is something that becomes increasingly difficult to do. The rising tuition and housing costs make having a part-time job a necessity. The difficulty comes in finding a job that covers flexibility so you can prioritize your education. Luckily, we can offer you a role like this at Cardinal Education. Our part-time tutors work around their availability. We are also the highest-paying tutoring company in the San Francisco Bay Area. This way you can work fewer hours than many other part-time jobs on campus. In addition, our part-time tutors can teach what they are most confident in!

You will be a significant portion of a student’s success. Our families work closely with our part-time tutors and full-time educational consultants. They rely on our recommendations to attain the academic goals they have.


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