Cardinal Education is looking for students looking for part-time jobs. Become a tutor today!

Notre Dame students are among the most talented individuals in the United States. You are uniquely positioned in a rigorous college where many students also take part in other extracurricular. This well-rounded profile is what we are looking for when hiring tutors to work with us. Due to COVID, there has been a decline in the amount of knowledge mastered by students. We are seeking Notre Dame students to fill our part-time tutoring jobs. As a part of our staff, you would obtain training to hone your skills and learn about the different ways students grasp concepts. This role is flexible based on your availability, so you can have the time to focus on studying.

Our Educational Consultant role is for students interested in a full-time role with Cardinal Education. In this role, you gain teaching experience in addition to business development experience. This unique combination gives staff the skill set to be successful at Cardinal Education and in their other career endeavors. This role is also available for gap years who are looking for a full-time job in education.


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