Are you a Harvard student looking for a job in education?

The last couple of years has been difficult for many college students. Some of them had to deal with a transition to remote learning and back to traditional courses. For others, they graduated during a very difficult time. Harvard University has continued to provide high-quality instruction to its students regardless of medium. Harvard students continued to show excellence regardless of the situation, demonstrating resilience and discipline in the process. As a coach or consultant for Cardinal Education, you can pass on those skills to others.

We are seeking Harvard students because we believe that you have the skills needed to be successful in Cardinal Education. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from, leaders in the educational field. Your role would include mentoring students to achieve their academic goals. It is not by chance that you got into Harvard, your attendance there is a symbol of your demonstrated success and high academic performance.

We are seeking Harvard students and alumni to fill part-time tutoring positions and full-time educational consultant roles. As a part-time coach, you will have the flexibility to work around your schedule. Full-time consultants work with students in Silicon Valley at their homes, in one of our offices, or remotely. Our staff have a variety of majors and are a diverse pool of individuals.


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