Are you a Brown student looking for a career in education? Cardinal Education may be for you!

Students attending any level of higher education understand the financial burden that comes with it. Books, rent, and bills are among the few things that come to mind. Cardinal Education wants to help you ease some of that burden by working as a part-time tutor. Our part-time tutoring job allows you to schedule around your own availability and teach the subjects you are confident in. From teaching specific subjects to working as a test prep tutor, we are confident that Brown students will thrive as a part of our team.

For those looking for a full-time opportunity, we are actively hiring for the Educational Consultant position. An educational consultant gives you both teaching and business development experience. All of our staff are trained by elite educators to mentor students and be trusted advisors to families. We help families make key decisions that shape our students’ trajectories. We pride ourselves on being an education company run by educators.


    Apply and become part of profound educators and mentors!

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