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The Harvey School is a well-regarded private boarding school nestled in the hamlet of Katonah, New York. However, in our nearly 20 years in the educational consulting industry, we often find Harvey students who lack knowledge on how to make full use of their school heritage during the college application process. Although The Harvey School has its own college counseling program, we still recommend that you choose independent educational consulting firms like Cardinal Education. With the number of students attending Harvey, their college counselors have to provide support to a multitude of students at any given time, compromising the quality of the counseling. At Cardinal Education, we proactively work with students one-on-one. We make sure to get to know each of our clients and that we provide them with highly personalized packages tailor-fit to their goals, values, and needs. Our experts do more than just compile college lists and secure strong recommendation letters. We help students achieve the kind of success that goes beyond admissions! Start strategizing today with Cardinal Education as early as today!


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