Asian Americans can stand out in The College Preparatory School admissions process.

Located in Oakland, California, College Prep is the best private high school in Alameda County. It is a private co-educational day school recognized for its academic excellence since 2007. Its curriculum blends challenging academics, work-play balance, and engaging extracurricular activities. It is recognized as one of the best high schools for STEM both in Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

How hard is it to get into The College Preparatory School? It is hard to get in, especially for Asian Americans. However, our admissions consultants understand how to make Asian Americans like you stand out in the admissions process. We will meticulously guide you through admissions and make sure you present a strong application profile with the following requirements:

1. Personal Statement
2. Parent Statement
3. Recommendation Letters
4. Transcripts.
5. Admissions Interview
8. Online Writing Assessment

If you want to gain entry into the most elite prep schools in America, like CPS Oakland, avail of the private school admissions consulting package that is right for you.


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