We help Asian Americans successfully navigate the Tessellations admissions.

Tessellations are a progressive school for gifted students from Kinder through 8th Grade. The school believes that giftedness is not only about achievement but a combination of a child’s overall intellectual ability and emotional sensitivity that affects his/her school experience. They develop their cognitive functions faster than their social and emotional skills making it difficult for them to adjust to the outside world. Their approach to education balances the rigors of academics with real-life situations, character-building, and problem-solving skills to help them achieve academic and personal success. The school has the Main Campus where most of the academic programs take place as well as a Nature Campus which is 12 minutes away, where the Outdoor Education Program takes place. This program enables students to experience and interact with nature providing them with lifelong memories they can take with them to the real world.

As unaffiliated independent educational consultants, we understand how hard it is for Asian Americans to get into top private schools for gifted students like Tessellations – The Beneventi School. Our educational consultants can work with you through our private school admissions consulting to make your child stand out in the Tessellations admissions process.


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