In our experience, Asian Americans need much more help in the admissions process.

Located in Exeter, New Hampshire, Phillips Exeter Academy is regarded as one of the most prestigious and selective secondary schools in the country. It is known for its challenging academic program, following a unique educational model called the Harkness method. Students in small groups participate in engaging discussions with their teachers and peers, creating a collaborative learning environment. Exeter offers a wide range of academic courses and extracurricular activities.

Exeter is highly selective and admits students based on their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and overall character. This is the reason many families find it very challenging to get into Phillips Academy Exeter, especially Asian Americans. As a globally recognized consulting firm, it is our mission to help families navigate private school admissions with less stress. For almost two decades, we have specialized in giving Asian American students an advantage in the Phillips Exeter Academy admissions process. As we are unaffiliated private educational consultants, we offer unbiased, honest advice. Our private school admissions consulting services include interview preparation, tutoring, test prep, academic advising, and writing services for your essays, personal statements, and parent statements. We know how to make you and your Phillips Exeter Academy application requirements stand out and get noticed by the admissions officers.


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