In our experience, Asian Americans need more help in Loyola School admissions.

Loyola School is an independent, college preparatory, secondary day school rooted in Catholic values and Jesuit tradition. The school aims to develop each student’s unique talents and diverse personalities, encouraging them to serve the larger community in faith. Besides the core curriculum, students are also offered various electives for each class that caters to their needs and interests. Sports, school clubs, and other programs create a holistic learning experience for the child. Students are encouraged to participate in service and leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities so they could improve their skills and share their talents with a much broader audience. These include music, student publications, theater productions, Makers Studio, and exchange programs. Cardinal Education understands how hard it is for Asian Americans to get into the top private schools such as the Loyola School. We know what it takes to navigate and let your child stand out in the Loyola School admissions process.


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